TimeOut: Close to a Miss

Let’s be honest. Time Out is a bit shit. Don’t get me wrong, they have some decent reviewers. But they also have to review at least two new restaurants and two new bars every week. They have to come up with hip and happening things to do in London on the same timescale. And they have to please the kind of people who are still prepared to shell out cash  to subscribe to magazines. I am guessing said people are early-4os Hampstead Hipsters who just want a decent bottle of wine and a place to rest their screaming child.

So. For the rest of us: the young or young at heart; the adequately but not over-resourced; the modelisers (you know who you are) and the wannabes (OK, fine, that’s me): this blog is for you, baby, a list of what I think – in my jaundiced opinion – are genuinely the hot and the over-hyped places to hang in London.

Love to you crazy kids xxxx

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